Fun Lunch

Members of the School Council regularly organize weekly Fun Lunches where students can choose to purchase a special lunch. The focus is on fun, healthy choices and we thank all of the local businesses for their assistance. This year, Fun Lunch will occur on Thursdays.

As of November, we have moved to an online ordering system. The details for how to order Fun Lunch can be found by clicking on the link below.

How To Order Fun Lunch 

Please contact the ROAR Fundraising Society for information or email the Fun Lunch Committee at

Order Forms

Here is a link to take you to the Fun Lunch ordering website: FUN LUNCH

The cut-off dates for ordering Fun Lunch are as follows:

Month of Fun Lunch Cut of Date for Ordering
November 2016 October 24th
December 2016 November 21st
January 2017 December 26th
February 2017 January 23rd
March 2017 February 20th
April 2017 March 27th
May 2017 April 24th
June 2017 May 22nd

**Please note that you have until midnight on the cut off date to complete your orders.

Volunteer Schedules

Please email if you would like to volunteer your time with our Fun Lunch program. Many hands makes light work and helps us provide nutritious lunches to our students. 

Below are the volunteer schedules:

January - March

April - June