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Week at a Glance May 13-19

Monday May 14, 2018 Day BPre Kindergarten retreatRabbits, Woodpeckers, Grasshoppers and Ravens - Hand game tournamentTuesday May 15, 2018 Day CBylaw officer visits Grade 6Outdoor Ed trip to Red Lodge ParkWolves, Pelicans, Squirrels, Elks - Hand game…

Week at a Glance April 30 - May 4, 2018

Monday, April 30, 2018, Day ESpirit team activity in the afternoon - Hand GamesTuesday, May 1, 2018, Day FAdoration in the Library all day please join us for prayer - Please be reverent when inthe atrium show respect for the sacramentWednesday, May 2,…

Week at a Glance

Virtue of the Month Joyfulness - Share your JOY Monday April 9, 2018 Day Spring Picture Day Kinder Grad photos Badminton Practice Tuesday April 10, 2018 Day        Band Camp Grade 6-8 band students     School Council Meeting in the library…

School bus Cancellation

Busses are canceled this morning due to extreme fog. They will run this afternoon.

Parent Teacher Interviews

Parent Teacher Interviews are March 21 and 22, 2018 please follow the link to book your time

Bus Cancellations

Due to the extreme cold temperatures, bus service has been cancelled for our school today. Please note that the school is still open.

Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten Open House

All are welcome to attend our Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten Open House to learn about our early learning, play-based programs. For the 2018-2019 school year, we are offering all day, everyday Kindergarten and half-day Pre-Kindergarten classes. Hope…

Alberta Education Survey- Parent Night

If you have a child in grade 4 or 7, you have likely received a survey from Alberta Learning in the mail.  The responses from this survey help us with the direction for our school, in a number of categories.  Please help us in the direction of our…

Registration is now open!

Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten registration is now open!  To fill out the form, click here. Please have a copy of your child's birth certificate, legal and immigration documentation for registration.


Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten Registration (2018-2019)

Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten online registration for the 2018/2019 school year starts on Monday, January 8, 2018, at 8:00 a.m.  You will be able to fill out the online form; however, you will not be able to submit your application until Monday,…

Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten Registration

Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten online registration for the 2018/2019 school year, starts on Monday, January 8, 2018, at 8:00 a.m.  The application form will be made available on Friday, December 22, 2017. You will be able to fill out the online form;…

Week at a Glance December 4 - 8, 2017

Monday​ ​December​ ​4,​ ​2017​ ​Day​ ​F​ ​-​ ​Toothbrush/Toothpaste Report cards are going home Parent Council 6:30pm in the Library Tuesday​ ​December​ ​5,​ ​2017​ ​Day​ ​A​ ​-​ ​Deodorant Boys…

Week at a Glance - November 20-24, 2017

Virtue of the Month Courage - Try something new Monday November 20, 2017 Day C Grade 5 and Middle School Band - Please remember your instruments Pink Ponies at lunch Swimming lessons - Grade 4 and Grade 5 Tuesday November 21, 2017 Day D Grade 5 LA project…

New Principal for 2017-2018 school year

We would like to congratulate Ken Meraw on being our Principal for the 2017-2018 school year! Ken has a Bachelor of Science and Education degree from St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. He also has a Masters of Education in Educational…

13 Reasons Why

The Netflix series 13 Reasons Why is trending nationally, as well as in our school community. It is generating controversy and concern amongst mental health authorities and school officials. While we are unaware of any specific incidents related to…

Register now for 2017-2018 school year

Are you new to Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools and wanting to register your child for the 2017-2018 school year? Grade 1-8 registration is now open.

Spotlight Auditions

Talented students are needed to perform for sponsors and the general public at the Red Deer Regional Catholic Education Foundation's Spotlight event on March 16, 2017. We are looking for current students who excel in the following areas, but not limited…

Pre-Kindergarten Registration for 2017-2018

Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten online and in-school registration will start this upcoming Monday, January 9, 2017 at 8:15 a.m. Please note that parents/guardians are able to access online registration to start filling out the application for: Pre-Kindergarten…


School Newsletter - Oct. 6, 2016

The latest Holy Trinity Newsletter is out. Click here for the newsletter. Happy Thanksgiving and see you on Tuesday!

School Newsletter - Sept. 9, 2016

The first newsletter of the year is ready and available to download. Click here for our bi-weekly newsletter.

Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons start up soon! Please take a moment to read the parent letter regarding registration for this activity. This year we are using an online registration form. Please see the link for registration below or in the letter.…